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Portable Evaporative Air Cooler: Multi-Function USB Fan with LED Night Light

Portable Evaporative Air Cooler: Multi-Function USB Fan with LED Night Light

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馃専Instant Cooling with Cordless Convenience:
Experience the refreshing breeze of the Arctic Air Freedom, a portable air cooler and neck fan that delivers instant relief from the heat without the hassle of cords. With touch control functionality, it's as simple as turning it on to banish the heat.

馃専Comfortable and Lightweight Design:
Featuring Comfort-Chill Technology, this compact and lightweight cooling device effortlessly pulls in hot air and transforms it into a cool breeze, providing comfort without feeling heavy around your neck.

馃専Hands-Free Cooling Anywhere, Anytime:
Enjoy the freedom of hands-free operation with the wireless and wearable design of this air cooler. Whether indoors or outdoors, on hot sunny days, it offers the convenience of portable air conditioning wherever you go.

馃専USB Rechargeable and Adjustable Speeds:
With three fan speeds and USB rechargeable functionality, this air cooler is the perfect companion for staying cool on the move. Simply charge it up and take it with you for instant relief whenever you need it.

馃専Versatile Cooling Companion:
Ideal for various activities such as relaxing at home, walking the dog, working at the office, or enjoying outdoor adventures, this portable cooler cools your face and neck, providing overall comfort and relief from the heat.
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